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Year 4 Maths Challenge

Thank you to all teams that entered and good luck to the schools who have made this year's final which will take place on 22nd January 2018.

Entry Information

  • This is a fun competition designed for teams of four talented Year 4 mathematicians.
  • There are two elements to the competition:
    • A crossnumber which involves team members working together to solve as many clues of a mathematical crossword as they can. (There is an example crossnumber attached to the bottom of this page.)
    • A relay race where the team splits into two pairs and each pair have to solve a mathematical puzzle before passing on the next mathematical puzzle to the other half of their team.
  • It is the aim that some questions should challenge these pupils but that there should be plenty which is accessible for all competitors.
  • Apart from a reasonable level of numeracy, very little mathematical knowledge is assumed. However, it would be helpful if the pupils are familiar with:
    • What it means for a number to be divisible by another number.
    • What it means for a number to be a multiple of another number.
    • Meaning of the digits of a number

Previous Years

  • In 2015 our first city-wide Year 4 competition was entered by 63 teams. Congratulations to Greswold School who won a very closely contested final.
  • In June 2017 the Year 4 finalists were invited to a 'Celebration of Mathematics' with Kjartan Poskitt, author of the 'Murderous Maths' series of books. Kjartan also presented the prizes to St Peter's CE Primary who were the winning team in the Year 4 Maths Challenge as well as a Prep Schools shield to The Blue Coat school.