King Edward's School Home

An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

The quality of the pupils' personal development

  1. The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent. They develop well spiritually and have a clear awareness and understanding of their own and others' beliefs and values. They are highly respectful of each other's faiths. Their self-awareness and their self-confidence develop well, aided by their involvement in the excellent programme of extra-curricular activities. They take advantage of opportunities offered in assemblies, in lessons and in societies to reflect on the non-material aspects of life and to consider moral and ethical dilemmas, which they do in a mature manner. They behave well and show a clear sense of right and wrong. They readily take on positions of responsibility. They are keen to put forward ideas via the school councils and to participate in decision making. They are aware of the needs of others, responding with great generosity of their time and their money. They take full advantage of the outstanding opportunities for cultural development that the school provides in the arts, in the wide range of trips offered, and through opportunities to learn about and share in each other's cultures.
  2. Arrangements for pastoral care, welfare, health and safety are excellent and support the pupils' personal development. Staff are highly committed to the well-being of pupils, ensuring that any concerns are quickly identified and followed up. The pupils are confident they have someone to turn to for support should that be needed. However, a number of pupils responding to the pre-inspection questionnaire said that their overall workload is not sufficiently monitored and this was borne out during the inspection. The pupils know that bullying is not tolerated and are confident that, should it occur, it will be quickly and effectively dealt with. Relationships with teachers are positive. Measures to promote good behaviour are in place and are effective. In the pre-inspection questionnaire, pupils said they like being at school and feel safe and well supported. A few pupils said that teachers do not always treat pupils equally: however, this was not borne out during the inspection. All necessary measures have been taken to reduce the risks from fire and other hazards. Staff receive regular training in fire-risk awareness, in child protection and first aid. All safeguarding measures are in place and effectively implemented. Provision for sick and injured pupils is appropriate. The dining room provides a broad choice of meals, of which some are healthier options. Pupils have many opportunities to take exercise. Admission and attendance registers are correctly maintained and kept.