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for the future

Old Edwardians’ network

Boys become Old Edwardians on leaving

the School and will receive regular

communications with news from the School

and their peers, invites to events, reunions

and talks, and will find it a unique source of

information for professional life.

In the early years of leaving School the Old

Edwardians Association provides a good

way of keeping in touch with peers and

accessing professional advice from older

alumni. As Old Edwardians progress through

their careers there is the opportunity for them

to professionally network with other Old

Edwardians and to contribute to the School

through the Careers Network.

Taking a leading role

KES Leadership enables boys from Year 10

upwards to develop appropriate skills for

the challenging world of work. A Mentoring

programme enables younger boys to receive

academic support from Sixth Form pupils

specialising in the areas they need help in.

Senior boys also coach younger boys in sport,

take commanding roles in CCF and participate

in outreach activities with local junior schools.

Careers and university advice

A wealth of university and careers support

is provided in Sixth Form and boys have

timetabled careers lessons, as well as

attending a UCAS day and a university and

gap year fair. There is also a designated

Head of Oxbridge Admissions to support

candidates through the application process

for those universities.

During their time at School boys can utilise the

experience of King Edward’s School alumni

through the Old Edwardians’ Careers Network.

A number of professional networking events

are organised for boys in Year 11 upwards to

discuss specific careers, such as medicine,

law and engineering, with Old Edwardians

working in those professions. Boys can also

access work experience, placements or

advice from the impressive and extensive

list of Old Edwardians.

The energetic and rich way of life at King Edward’s gives the boys chance not only to work hard, but to experience

a wide range of activities, to take responsibility, to lead others, to form friendships, to work with adults and to

extend their horizons. We believe that all of this is critical as a preparation for the life of university and beyond.

“Put simply, there are few

places in the country a

boy could hope to leave

as rounded and prepared

for life.”

Rajiv Gogna, former pupil.

Rajiv gained a first class degree in

Chemical Sciences from the University

of Oxford in 2014, and is currently

working as an Energy Analyst for a

business consultancy firm.