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A world of


Something for everyone

There are just under 50 clubs and societies

which meet during lunchtime or after school,

so there really is something to interest

everyone. From Art and Classic Rock to

Scientific and Warhammer societies there’s

much to get involved in and boys can even

set up their own.

One of the most active societies is Living

History, the only school-based historical

re-enactment society. Combined with the girls’

school, pupils stamp coins, fire the School

trebuchet and cannons and demonstrate

their skills at venues around the country and

abroad. Debating and Schools’ Challenge are

amongst our most successful societies with a

history of success in national competitions.

At home and away

Over 140 trips and expeditions take place

every year from small-scale trips within the UK

to destinations further afield. In Year 7, whole

forms spend three days on ‘Shell Camps’

learning how to orienteer, abseil, camp out and

work as a team. This is extended to a five-day

hostelling trip in Year 8 to the Lake District and

Wales called ‘Rems Week’.

There are also trips with greater ambitions,

some subject-related but also those to provide

enjoyment and adventure. In recent times

these have included expeditions to Ecuador

and the Galapagos Islands, and Guyana to

study biodiversity, a trip for physicists to

CERN, climbing Kilimanjaro, and cycling from

Land’s End to John O’Groats. Sports tours

have taken the rugby team to Canada, the

hockey team to South Africa and the cricket

team to the West Indies.

Giving back

Perhaps one of the most significant activities

boys undertake is through the School’s

commitment to charity and giving something

back to the local community. Boys organise

and take part in many activities from

fancy dress days and cake sales to music

competitions and running the distance from

School to the North Pole, raising thousands

for charity every year.

Beyond the life of work, music, drama and sport there is another world of activity available to boys through

an extensive programme of trips and extra-curricular activities. Trips vary greatly in purpose, scale and cost

so that every boy can participate in something. In particular, there are lots of short and cheap trips for boys

in their first year so that they get the chance to join in and make friends.

“I will always cherish the

daily exhilaration of waking

up in the rainforest. More

than once I remember

peering out from beneath

my mosquito net to see

if that strange noise was

in fact a Jaguar, as my

imagination had convinced

me, or just one of my

fellow volunteers falling

from his hammock, again!”

Participant from an expedition

to Guyana.