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A school for


The School community

From the moment boys join the School, if not

before, they are supported through the strong

system of pastoral care, which relies upon the

careful attention of all members of staff and

their constant communication.

Forms consist of 25 boys and Form Tutors

work closely with boys and teaching staff to

monitor their progress. If a boy does need

support, there are several ways in which it can

be provided, through subject help lessons,

Mentoring provided by senior boys, and

Learning Support, and every pupil is carefully

watched over. A dedicated Study Centre

opened in September 2014 to extend the

facilities for Learning Support and Mentoring.

A thriving part of school life is the House

system and boys are allocated a House

through which they can form friendships

with boys from different forms and years.

Most inter-school competitions, ranging from

sport to music to drama to mathematics, are

based on the Houses, so it provides another

opportunity for boys to get involved.

Assisted Places

The central aim of King Edward’s School is to

provide education for able boys, regardless of

the financial circumstances of their families.

The School spends almost £2m per year on

Assisted Places and the number available has

grown by 50% in recent years through the

generosity of alumni.

At 11+ Assisted Places are available to

approximately 35 pupils, about 15 of which are

free places and some financial support is also

available at 16+. Assisted Places are means-

tested up to a total family income of about

£72,000. An income of less than £20,000 could

entitle a boy to a free place and it is then a

sliding scale to the income threshold.


There are approximately 25 academic

scholarships available at 11+ ranging in value

from 15% to 50% and a number of music

scholarships. Outstanding candidates at 16+

may also receive an academic scholarship.

King Edward’s is probably the most socially and ethnically diverse independent school in the country. The boys are

individuals, diverse in their backgrounds and interests, but all have an overwhelming desire to learn. We celebrate

this diversity and the individuality of our pupils and spend almost £2m per year to ensure we fulfil our central aim to

provide education for able boys, regardless of the financial circumstances of their families.

“It was really easy to settle

in. I knew one boy from

my junior school but by

the end of the first day

it felt as if I knew all my

class well. The older boys

and the staff were really

supportive when I got

lost and turned up to the

wrong lesson!”

Year 8 pupil