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Looking forward to the past!

25 March 2010

An enlarged, but familiar, Living History Group is set for another busy year with a number of exciting events to look forward to. We have already spent a day at Whittington Castle blowing away some of the cobwebs from our kit and renewing old skills.  With some thirty boys and girls fully equipped with medieval clothes, we are now larger than ever. With \'Elizabeth\' the trebuchet, a fully working kitchen and more swords and bows than you could shake a stick at, we are also better equipped than ever.  Over half the group have been practising the skills of the medieval swordsman under the experienced eye of one of the country\'s top man-at-arms, whilst others have received expert tuition in the art of medieval tailoring and the mathematical methods of our medieval forbears.


On the 24th and 25th of April we will be appearing as a medieval merchant\'s household at the Annual Festival of History organised by English Heritage. Even more exciting is our upcoming appearance at the iconic Tower of London from the 29th-31st May, in our guise as a siege warfare group.  A dozen members of the group will be returning this summer to the Danish Middle Ages Centre which has invited us back for a fortnight of fun and hard work.  With a new flag, new clothes, new skills and new members the medieval past continues to flourish providing a valuable fourth dimension to the myriad activities of the school.