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Let\'s be French For a Lunchtime!

03 July 2009

The French assistants from both King Edward\'s Schools organised an event on 22 June to give everyone a ‘flavour\' of French culture and food and to raise money for charity. The French charity chosen, ‘Les Restaurants du Coeur\', supports homeless people and provides them with free lunches; it also supports children with learning disabilities. The lunchtime show featured the assistants and pupils singing, dancing and generally showing off their linguistic ability. One of the ‘acts\' was a dazzling dance by the Okgo Dancers, so-called because the choreography for their dance was taken from the band Okgo. It apparently took 12 solid hours of practice by the boys but the final result was worth every minute. The dance had been created for an event during the French Exchange in Grasse and honed to perfection for this event at KEHS.

Photo: Ed Bentsi-Enchill, Sandip Sangha, Adam Mian, James Reilly.