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Your Starter for Ten!

25 March 2010

After all the publicity (well, one flyer), it was disappointing to see only five people at the first practice. Nevertheless, we continued and by the time of the competition, we had enough boys to field no less than four teams. 

In the first round, each team must beat two other teams to progress. The KES \"A\" team of Yanbo Yin, Clement Chan, Xiaofan Zhang, and Captain Patrick Wernham beat Queen Mary\'s \"B\" and Wolverhampton Grammar\'s \"B\". Unfortunately, none of the other KES teams made the cut. 

In the semi-final, we played the KEHS \"A\" team. Again, we were victorious, winning by 750-250, although there was one very knowledgeable girl. By the time of the final, we had reached \"terminal velocity\" (ask Clement!) and never looked like losing, eventually winning by six hundred points. As Jeremy Paxman would say, we were strong on Greek mythology and cricket, but displayed a blissful ignorance of children\'s programmes (such as Bagpuss). This makes us West Midlands Champions and we go through to the Inter-Regional Playoffs later this month.

We would like to thank Miss Bubb for her time, and also our mascot, Maurice the Owl. 

Patrick Wernham (and the rest of the team)

STOP PRESS: The KES Senior A Team put up a brave fight in the inter-regional playoff against Abingdon School, Oxfordshire,(the winners of the National Plate last year) but were beaten by a late burst from a single Abingdon pupil who answered fifteen straight questions, the game ending 690 to 560. Nevertheless, they retain the title of Regional Champions having dispatched it\'s not all bad. Mr Milton added: \"sadly, we also say a final farewell to Sixth Former James Travers, who has been such a stalwart of the Challenge scene, he will be missed. But we will always remember his classic answers in practice! In future, the very definition of a \'Travers\'.\"

STOP PRESS 2: The KES team have again triumphed, to secure a strong place in the Inter-regional playoffs.

(Clockwise from bottom left: Patrick, Clement, Yanbo, Xioafan all smiles in anticipation of their next match)