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Biology Field Trip

03 July 2009


On 12 June thirty-two intrepid Divisions set off on the Biology Field Trip.  It was only after a long coach journey and a fascinating Purple Topshell counting sampling session that we truly realised what we had let ourselves in for.

Dale Fort proved to be absolutely idyllic with stunning scenery and fabulous weather accompanying all our endeavours.  The recreational activities were somewhat thin on the ground but swimming and running were popular alternatives to eating vast quantities of cake and sunbathing.

The trip was spent sampling local beaches, salt marshes and ponds which were more interesting than expected.  The same, unfortunately, cannot be said of statistical analysis.  All In all, it was a valuable, educational experience for everyone.

Alistair Eggo

Photo: Ranvir Cheema, Alex Bion and Henry O’Brien collecting field data.