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A Summer of Athletic Success

06 July 2009

For the Junior and Minor teams, a season of frustration: for the Seniors and Inters, continuing success. Summer deluges, motorway gridlock and swine flu led to the cancellation of the Junior Foundation Match, the Holden Trophy and the Loughborough Invitation, and the match against the local comprehensive schools. Only the matches at Harrow and Worcester escaped the elements.

The Seniors and Inters continued to beat all local competition with the seniors leading the way. They have beaten fourteen schools ranging from Rugby and Loughborough to the \"old enemy\" RGS Worcester. Invited to take part in the ultra competitive Cholmeley Shield match held at Harrow school against all the major London schools, the team came fourth of eight, losing to Highgate, Harrow and Eton. This is the level of competition we aspire to.

Why are the seniors so successful? They are very able athletes and have the will to win, but more importantly they are a team, they will fill in when others are injured or unable to compete: so at Harrow we had our top shot-putter doing the hurdles, and at Worcester a hurdler doing the 1500m.