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A lunchtime wasted with Mr Cross...

05 March 2009

Lunchtime on 5 March saw the premiere (possible derniere) public performance of Mr Cross\'s one-man show. His 45-minute \"sit-down\" comedy routine (he\'s too lazy to do \"stand-up\") consisted of several funny songs by talented singer-songwriters such as Tom Lehrer, Richard Stilgoe and Tim Minchin, along with some other space-fillers what he wrote himself. Despite Mr C\'s having two left-hands, being completely incapable of reading music, and with the added disadvantage of possessing the voice of a strangled toad, the concert hall was full of all those folk who had nothing better to do that lunchtime, who then suffered the appalling cacophony of sound that assaulted their ear-drums with considerable aplomb. They were even kind enough to clap at the end! Over £200 was raised for Cot Fund.