King Edward's School Home

An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

The effectiveness of governance, leadership and management

  1. The quality of governance is excellent. In line with the recommendation of the last inspection report, governance has been restructured. The school has benefitted from the resulting greater clarity of purpose and the support of the Foundation. The governing body is highly committed to the ethos and aims of the school. The governors bring to their role an excellent range of experience and expertise and are conscientious in undertaking further training. They have an excellent understanding of the school, meeting regularly with the senior management team to discuss the work of the school. Governors attend events and a programme of visits to lessons has recently been instigated. They exercise effective oversight of the finances and strategic direction of the school, provide good resources and oversee regulatory matters with due care, including the safeguarding of children.
  2. The quality of leadership and management is excellent. The senior management team gives clear and energetic leadership, constantly and highly successfully reviewing what the school offers, and working to enhance its already excellent provision. Since the last inspection, they have successfully overseen a number of significant developments including changes to the curriculum, in pastoral care and the use of data, in the admission process, in creating a development office, in fund-raising and in building new facilities. The roles of the three deputy heads have been re-defined, enabling more focused leadership and management, particularly in monitoring teaching and learning, in line with the recommendation of the previous inspection report. The school is successful in securing well-qualified and highly committed staff who are well deployed. They are supported effectively by the senior management team, informed by the recently re-designed system of professional review. Both teaching and support staff make a significant contribution to the overall well-being of the pupils. The premises and accommodation are kept in excellent order. All requisite policies and procedures are in place and effectively implemented. All necessary pre-appointment checks for staff and governors are carried out and correctly recorded.
  3. The quality of links with parents is excellent. Parents responding to the pre-inspection questionnaire were overwhelmingly supportive of all aspects of the work of the school, which the inspection findings support. Parents receive all necessary information, which is helpful and easily accessible via the school's website or on request. Reports on the pupils' progress are produced and stored electronically. They show an excellent knowledge of the individual and give clear guidance on what the pupil needs to do to improve. Parents have ample opportunity to be involved in the life of the school and many do so enthusiastically, attending a wide variety of events, including those organised by the Parents' Association. Parents have easy access to staff, either by email or by telephone: requests for information are quickly addressed. An appropriate complaints procedure is in place, although this is rarely needed. Concerns are usually settled speedily and informally.