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Biology field trips

Between the completion of the Lower Sixth exams and end of the summer term the Biology department decamps to a Field Studies Centre for an intensive 4 day field course. Locations recently visited include Slapton Ley (Devon), Dale Fort and Orielton (both in Pembrokeshire).

Our aim is to cover the practical ecological and environmental components of the IB syllabus; this includes field data collection techniques and statistical analysis (from sea shores, sand dunes, mud flats, estuaries, woodland and organic farms), habitat comparisons, man's impact on the environment and succession. Data collected from the field trip will form an important part of assessed practical write-ups to be completed on our return.

Days are busy, irrespective of the weather; a lot of work is covered in a short time. The field course is rewarding: hands-on experience is gained in the field; the outdoors is the classroom; you can see Biology working in front of you rather than just from a textbook; at the same time you are away from school with your peers in a very attractive environment.