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Low Countries Cycle Tour

This page will be updated from time to time as documents are published, so if documents are listed here but don't have links, come back later to see them.

Information for the summer tour

A printed copy of the route notes and a 1 page map of the tour will be provided for everyone. All adults and all independent boys will also receive a printed copy of the one page per day version of the maps for the tour.

Some stretches which boys and parents are recommended to practice at home in advance and use on riding days.
Some exercises which boys and parents are recommended to do at home each day in June, July and August before we travel.

Interactive Map of the tour

List of ferry groups for journey from UK to France

Route notes with detailed daily information whilst on tour

Information about World War I

King Edward's pupils who are buried the two of the cemeteries we will visit

Bruges city guide

How to look after the accommodation!

Procedure for the return ferry journey

Things group leaders should think about on day 1

Detailed information pack with kit list and preparation for the tour

Printable daily maps - 1 day per page (6MB pdf)

Printable maps - 2 pages per day (9MB) - this is for people who prefer more detailed mapping

If you want to upload this to software or a GPS system of your own:

Download some instructions on how to configure your mapping app and download maps to it.

GPX file containing all the routes for the tour for use on Garmin GPS units

GPX file for use on iPhones or Android phones (you also need to install a suitable app and download maps)

Other information

Practice rides 18 Sept and 9 Oct - clothing list, timing and how to get there

Practice ride Sunday 1 July - more information here

The practice rides are compulsory for all boys who have not toured with us before.

We recommend that boys and parents go out regularly for rides, to improve their confidence on their bikes and their fitness. Maps of our three routes can be downloaded here, or you can devise your own. These three routes are each 15 miles long (though you could easily shorten them if you wish) and are on quiet country roads.

Introductory letter inviting pupils and parents to take part

List of boys taking part

Advice on purchasing a bike

Forms to send back to us:

Look at the photo albums from previous cycle tours.

Information for parents taking part:

Information for boys wishing to cycle independently: