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Cycle Tour of Bavaria

Our next cycle tour will be the Romantische Straße in Bavaria, 2-11 August 2014. The tour is most popular with children in years 7, 8 and 9. There are usually some pupils from year 10, and sometimes a few boys from year 11. 

Boys are recommended to get out on their bikes with a friend if the weather is nice. You could do a couple of laps of the 5 mile road within Sutton Park, or you could repeat one of our short practice rides - the maps are available below. If you ride regularly your fitness and confidence on your bike will improve.

Download a map of our practice cycle routes at:

If you have your own GPS unit, click here to download the GPX file of all the practice routes.

Advice on purchasing a bike and suitable local bike shops

Click here if you are interested in borrowing a bike from school

Click here to see a slideshow of the highlights of the Cycle Tour of Bavaria.

Look at the photo albums from previous cycle tours.

View the videos of the 2012 Cycle Tour of the Low Countries, or the 2013 Cycle Tour of Normandy.

Letter and reply slip for boys or parents to apply for a place on the Cycle Tour of Bavaria, 2-11 August 2014

Bike safety check

Information booklet including clothing list

Interactive map of the Cycle Tour of Bavaria - this shows the standard routes each day - more challenging options for older pupils will be added later.

Download the excellent free Romantic Road tourist app for your iPhone or Android phone with loads of information about the places we will visit. Note that whilst the description on the play store is in German, the app itself is in English.

Download the Evernote app for your iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry or Windows Phone and e-mail Mr Boardman to ask for the route notes to be shared with you - then you can read all the notes for the trip on your phone.

Download the GPX file of the tour route, if you plan to bring your own GPS rather than a pre-progammed school GPS unit:
version with just the day by day routes for modern GPS units
version with day to day rotues and the extra short routes for swimming pools, with long routes broken into two sections for the school Garmin Legend GPS units

Detailed route notes

Groups for the airport (main flight)

Groups for visiting Würzburg residenz on the first day

Room plan showing who is in each room each night

Short user guide for the yellow school phones describing how to use the navigation app, dictionary etc.

Stretches and Exercises you are advised to do for several weeks before the tour

Identity documents - only one of the following is required. Please note that ALL boys taking part must also send in a photocopy of their passport main page:

  • Collective passport form (1 page), required for all boys born in the UK
  • Collective passport form (2 pages), required for all boys who are UK citizens but NOT born in the UK
  • VISA waiver form, required for all boys who are citizens of a country outside the EU (these boys need to bring their own passport also)
  • Note: boys who are citizens of an EU country (but not the UK) need to bring their own passport, but don't need to send in a form.

Adults taking part

Adults taking part are asked to complete this Application form